Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International, Tokyo represents Hiroyuki Doi


Hiroyuki Doi (土井宏之)

Japanese Self-Taught Artist

Hiroyuki Doi always says, “By creating artworks, I would like to convey a message that we can use our human hands to create a lot of things including artworks to future generations.  This human touch is very import not only in art but also all communication."

Yoshiko Otsuka (大塚芳子)

Owner, Art Dealer, Curator, Facilitator

I am Yoshiko Otsuka.
I am happy to have represented Hiroyuki Doi as his artwork has traveled around the world, started in the U.S.A., moved on to the numbers of cities in Europe and Japan.  I have been delighted to promote his meaningful work.

Workshop in New York City

Drawing "Circle" Workshop at American Folk Art Museum

Hiroyuki Doi and Yoshiko Otsuka offered Circles Only”: Drawing with Hiroyuki Doi Workshop at American Folk Art Museum in New York City on March 10, 2016.
Yoshiko Otsuka served as a facilitator of the workshop. 

Workshop in Tokyo, Japan

Art Making Workshop by Circles sponsored by Chuo-Ku, Tokyo.

Every fall, Hiroyuki Doi and Yoshiko Otsuka have been offering Art Making Workshop by circles in Tokyo since 2013.  It has been sponsored by Chuo-ku (Center City) in Tokyo.  We will be offering one this October at Ozu Washi shop.  Participants can make their own washi and create their own artwork using circles only.  Create your own art and discover yourself. 

Solo show in Tokyo, Japan

HIROYUKI DOI Pen & Art at PILOT Pen Station Museum in 2013

“HIROYUKI DOI Pen & Art” at PILOT Pen Station Museum was the first-ever, public solo presentation of Hiroyuki Doi’s works in Japan.  This exhibition was supported by Kyodo News, the American Folk Art Museum, OZU WASHI, The Museum of Everything, Ricco/Maresca Gallery.