Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International, Tokyo represents Hiroyuki Doi


Japanese Self-Taught Artist, Hiroyuki Doi

The self-taught Japanese artist HIROYUKI DOI’s circle drawings have earned critical recognition in the U.S.A. and Europe since he began showing them overseas in 2001. Doi made his début at PILOT Pen Station Museum in Tokyo in 2013.

In his art, Hiroyuki Doi alludes to such subjects as 
the soul, the transmigration of the soul, the cosmos, human dialog, the co-existence of living creatures and universal peace. He does so by creating images that consist of many small circles made with black-ink drawing pens on washi . Through these works, Doi very much wants to send a message to future generations of human beings about the importance of using their own hands to create meaningful objects and artworks. 


Hiroyuki Doi’s circle drawings have been exhibited at the annual Outsider Art Fair in New York since 2001. His first solo exhibition in the U.S.A. was presented at the legendary Phyllis Kind Gallery in New York in 2002. Since then, his works have been shown at the 
American Folk Art Museum (New York), Halle Saint Pierre (Paris), Thomas Williams Fine Art (London), FRAC Picardie (Amiens, France), the Museum of Everything (London), La Maison Rouge (Paris, 2009, 2014), the Museum of Everything at Pinacoteca Agnelli (Torino, Italy), the Armory Show (New York, 2010-2015), Ricco/Maresca Gallery (New York), Art Paris Art Fair (Paris, 2012), the Museum of Everything at Chalet Society (Paris), the Metro Show (New York, 2013-2015), Maison Particulière Art Center (Brussels), and other venues in the world.

In the U.S.A., Doi’s exhibitions have been reviewed by the 
New York Times’ critics, Roberta Smith (2002), Holland Cotter (2005) and Ken Johnson (2010). Of Doi’s drawings, Smith observed in this respected newspaper’s “Art in Review” section, “They are delicate, mesmerizing and unusually beautiful...”. Edward M. Gómez, the senior editor of RAW VISION magazine notes that “Doi’s art is original and full of soul; his meticulous drawing technique has given form to pictures of great expressive power.” Doi’s drawings have been the subject of articles by Brooke Davis Anderson (Folk Art, 2005), N.F. Karlins (artnet.com, 2005 and 2009) and Lindsay Pollock (Art Market Views, 2011). 

We hope you will enjoy discovering the world of Hiroyuki Doi’s vibrant and unusual art. For further information about future exhibitions and the artist, please feel free to contact us.

Yoshiko Otsuka

Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International, Tokyo

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Latest news

Hiroyuki Doi at the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.

Hiroyuki Doi ’s artworks will be shown at the upcoming exhibition,  As Essential as Dreams:  Self-Taught Art form the Collection of Stephanie and John Smither at  the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas from June 10 thru October 16, 2016.
Hiroyuki Doi is one of 12 artists whose works are in the exhibition.  The artworks are promised gift from Stephanie and John Smither to the Menil Collection.

As Essential as Dreams:   Self-Taught Art from the Collection of Stephanie and John Smither
Jun 10 - Oct 16, 2016
The Menil Collection
1533 Sue Ross Rd., Houston, TX 77006 U.S.A.
Hours:  Wednesday - Sunday  (11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.)
Admission is free.  Always.
The Menil Collection is an art museum and was founded by John and Dominique de Menil in 1987.  "Making art accessible is vital to the Menil’s mission, so no admission is charged…”  (From the website)  They display the founders’ vast collection of modern art.  The buildings were designed by architect Renzo Piano.
The exhibition lasts for four months.  If you have a chance to go to Houston, Texas, please visit and enjoy Hiroyuki Doi’s unique and soulful artworks at the Menil Collection.
Thank you very much.

We are also happy to announce Hiroyuki Doi’s annual private show at RepiDoll at Takeshitadori, Harajuku.  
May 16 - June 26, 2016 (Closed on May 23, June 6, June 20) Noon - 22:00
Repi Doll
1-16-5 2F Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
If you are around Tokyo, please come and enjoy Hiroyuki Doi’s new works.
Yoshiko Otsuka
Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International, Tokyo

We are in the process of making our website pages.  Email, Links may not hyperlinked.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.